The Characters

Thorgal & his companions

A free man with eyes turned towards the horizon, Thorgal is not, however, a loner.
He puts his strength and courage at the service of those he loves.
Companions for a day or a lifetime, here are those who have crossed paths with the child of the stars.


Raised by the Vikings, Thorgal is the heir of an ancient people forgotten by the gods. Courageous warrior, incomparable archer, he pursues his ideal of peace, accompanied by his family.


Aaricia is a Viking princess, in love with Thorgal since childhood. For him and for his children, she is ready to sacrifice everything and leave her people.


Son of Aaricia and Thorgal, Jolan inherited from them their courage and their determination, but also strange powers which promise him an extraordinary future.

Wolfcub & Aniel

Louve and Aniel grew up without their father, but they too inherited extraordinary abilities. The little girl knows how to talk to animals and the mute little boy hides an incredible secret

Kriss of Valnor

Kriss of Valnor is an unscrupulous, seductive and dangerous adventurer. His path regularly crosses that of the Aegirssons, often for the worse.